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Welcome to, your source for everything that is wheelchair tennis in Colorado. Throughout the links and pages on this site we hope you’ll explore all of the ways that you can get involved with wheelchair tennis and the Colorado Wheelchair Tennis Foundation. See you on the courts!

The CWTF Is Looking For New Players
If you are a beginner, or just thinking of trying wheelchair tennis for the 1st time, the CWTF is here to help! Players of all backgrounds and disabilities are encouraged to try the great sport of wheelchair tennis. We can arrange tennis chairs and racquets for you to try! For more information or if you have any questions, please e-mail the CWTF  -- cwtfdirector[at]

Please take a few minutes to fill out our Survey
We are trying to make the organization better and are looking for your feedback. Please fill out the survey when it comes to you (be brutally honest, we want to know what you want!) We'd like to have the results by the end of January so that we can go into the new year ready with ideas of how to provide a better tennis experience for you.



Join The CWTF E-mail List
The very best way for you to stay up to date with all of the wheelchair tennis programs and events in Colorado and beyond is to join our e-mail list. Simply send an e-mail to cwtfdirector[at] asking to join and you're in!


USTA Wheelchair Tennis Manual & DVD Available For Purchase

The USTA sells a Wheelchair Tennis Manual/Drills DVD. This resource includes all of the pivotal information to play or coach wheelchair tennis as well as strategies to run a local program. If you’ve ever considered getting involved in wheelchair tennis this Manual/DVD combination will provide instruction on skills, easy drills to practice, and pictures/video to get started. Wheelchair tennis has never been more accessible. Click Here To Purchase


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