Frank Adams monthly drop in clinics are back!

Frank Adams will be teaching from 10:00am to 12:00pm on the dates below.

Parking is on the south side of the facility: Highlands Ranch Northridge, located at 8801 S. Broadway

Highlands Ranch CO 80126. The tennis office phone number is (303) 471-8996

The CWTF will pay for this monthly clinic which costs $250 for two courts, 5 sessions. Frank's time will be donated

to the CWTF. Please thank him for his continued generosity and time- especially on a Sunday

Sunday Jan 29th 2017

Sunday Feb 19th 2017 (the last Sunday all players will be in Salt Lake at the All-Comers Camp)

Sunday Mar 26th 2017

Sunday Apr 30th 2017 (last one of the season)

2017 Spring, Summer, Fall Events

Events / Clinics

For the 2017 season, the CWTF will be sponsoring clinics for the beginner / recreational player as well as the competitive player. We will also support community outreach clinics for junior players and our military veterans. All funding for these programs come from CWTF memberships, local  and national grants (USTA, et al.) and CWTF general fundraising efforts. If you’d like to volunteer or contribute, please contact any CWTF member or, Bill Trubey at cwtfdirector@gmail.com

Weekly Drop-In Clinics
Frank Adams clinic at Highlands Ranch